“Love, love, love your classes Sarah! I can feel my body shifting. And I realize how much more body awareness is coming into focus. You do a great job of bringing me back to each part of my body and adjusting my poses. Generally I do Yoga at home, but boy what I have been missing. Thanks for your dedication. Namaste!”
~Jan K.


“I talked my husband into attending the stretch yoga class (Living Well Body works with Sarah Oliver) last January with me and a year later we find ourselves looking forward to our weekly classes. I had tried different yoga classes over the years but did not find a connection. I wanted to join something that both my husband and I could benefit from. He has worked in the construction industry for the past 20 years and was experiencing back pain. After the first class we both left the yoga studio feeling re-energized and completely relaxed. We have noticed a huge improvement with our range of motion and flexibility. We were so impressed with Sarah’s skill level and welcoming demeanor that we brought our two teenagers to attend the class. They were very reluctant at first, but after a session they were equally impressed. They have become more aware of their mind, body and spirit. Sarah is a very compassionate, kind and highly motivated teacher and finds the root cause of the any problems and offers true help and solutions. She makes it easy to hold each position when we are being guided so skillfully. We have never felt such mind and body awareness. This is a great class not only to improve your physical ability but is amazing for releasing everyday life stress and anxiety. These skills are an asset for life. My family is living proof. Thank you Sarah.”
~Robyn E.


“Last summer I spent 4 months using a cane to walk due to a messed up back. (Degenerative discs). My doctor made it clear I needed to lose weight and get in shape. In November I met Sarah and my life changed. Sarah showed me how to strengthen my core, increase my flexibility and feel better than I have in years.
We started with private sessions. Sarah is exceptionally knowledgeable of the human anatomy, different types of yoga and respects the differences each of us have. This allowed her to develop a practice designed specifically for me. Her patience, understanding and drive ensured I progressed safely but at my optimum speed. I still practice with Sarah but also attend drop in classes each week and enjoy practicing at home. I walk for an hour every day (without a cane), play golf a couple of times a week and most important play ball with my grandkids. ( I’m also 25 lbs. lighter.)
If you want to get stronger, more flexible or just feel energized and have fun doing it call, Sarah. Her commitment to her own health, her compassion and love to her students makes her a very special yoga teacher.
What’s more important than looking after your health?”
~Doug B.


“Two years ago I was in great discomfort due to disc injuries and was not sure if I should continue with my yoga practice. I was new to the area and had tried different studios until I started attending Sarah’s classes. I went to Sarah with my concerns and with thoughtful consideration she guided me through my practice being careful not to compromise my back issues. The program she used was a combination of traditional yoga poses, work with the back mitra, myofascial release, and therapeutic massage. The combination of the three practices followed up by her therapeutic massage has made a tremendous difference to my well being both physically and mentally. I am fortunate and grateful that I have a yoga instructor like Sarah. She teaches with compassion and is knowledgeable in many different aspects of self care.”
~Craig F


“Sarah, yesterday was the ultimate massage.
See you in the new year.”
~Gary B.


Massage with Sarah was excellent!
~Wendy H.


“Thank you Sarah
It was wonderful as usual and I’ll contact you when I’m back”
~Janet G.


“Thank you. My massage was fantastic as usual :)”
~Debbie M.